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    We had a lovely day planting up the garden4me raised planter at Wharton Primary with various herbs. They tasted the chives (and weren’t that keen) and we made mint tea with some of the leaves…

    Anne Gunning, RHS North West Community Outreach Advisor Read More

    Learning Together, Growing Together

    Gardening in schools is on the up! The garden4me GIANT raised garden planter is the ideal way to encourage school children to learn about growing their own food, or plants which support wildlife whilst having fun.

    With schools increasingly looking to teach children about the food supply chain, and looking for ways to get them involved with hands-on and team building activities garden4me raised garden planters are the ideal way for them to create their own personal growing plots while sharing time with their friends.

    Garden4me raised planters are safe, strong and robust in use.  The built-in self-regulating reservoir is great to help plants remain healthy during school holidays without the need for parents or teachers to have to water them.

    Create Sensory Garden View Spring School NewsletterAttitudes Report 2017 Attitudes Report 2017 Whole report CREATE A BUZZ WITH A RAISED PLANTER! Creative Way of Teaching Teamwork

    Technical information

    • Length 120 cm Width 80 cm Height 70cm
    • Built-in 20 Litre self-regulating water reservoir
    • 240 litre compost/soil capacity
    • 25 cm (10 inch) depth growing bed
    • Double walled construction keeps compost/soil warm to promote faster growth
    • Manufactured from certified food grade materials
    • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor gardening
    • Life-time guarantee against rotting
    • Very low maintenance
    • Frost proof and crack proof
    • Assemble in minutes without the need for special tools

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    Important Notice When positioning your garden4me Raised Garden on a balcony, you should ensure that the balcony where it is to be located is large enough to fit the product the dimensions of which are : 1200mm x 800mm (height 700mm.) When filled to capacity, the Raised Garden weighs 300KGs and you should therefore ensure that the balcony will accommodate such weight, taking into account any further weight from any other sources and at any other times. Garden4me cannot accept any liability in respect of a Raised Garden being placed on a balcony or elsewhere
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    Raised Planters


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